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What you just said about opening and closing the door would be true if the container was full of a gas. But because water is incompressible, when the door is closed, the water above the door is totally separated from the water below the door. In this case, you can even remove the V-shaped lever and the Mass m and the piston will remain in place and will not move upward.

But if you remove the Mass m while the door is open, the piston will pop-up out of the container and the water will spill from the container.

Now, what you said about the side masses show that you don't understand correctly the physics of levers. Did you read that analysis I made for you about levers mechanism in previous posts?

Also, you talked about moving the water up and down against the piston and the water having to go back above the door: This show me that you did not carefully read my theory. I stated very well in my theory that the water does not move at all inside the container. What I do is reversing one force that was applying a lifting effect on the container and have it acting on the container in a downward direction;increasing this way the weight of the container. what you need to analyze is whether the force reversal has been achieved successfully.

Finally, I have to tell you that I have been able to have the proposed design scrutinized by a physicist who used to teach mechanical engineering courses at one prestigious American university; and this physicist could not find a reason why the device wouldn't function as expected.


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