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This will be my last attempt to show you why your device will not work like you think it will. The following are only some of the reasons why it will not work. This discussion is referring to figure 2 on page 9.

After you open the door to allow the pressure of the column of water to enter the lower section that pressure will always be there. Closing the door again will not remove the pressure. So at that point your device is now inert.

The masses on each side of the crossbar will always weigh the same no matter where you move them to. You are just changing position not the weight. Shifting the weight to the fulcrum does not change the weight of the total device.

Adding the bearing to the L shaped piece does not change the vector angles. You still have a situation where the total weight on the left side of the crossbar is equal to the total weight on the right side of the crossbar.

Moving the water up and down against the pistons does not change the weight of the total device on either side of the crossbar.

And how is the water supposed to get back above the door so the pistons can go back down?

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