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The proposed device is cheap to manufacture massively


Although I estimated that a good size working model would cost $40,000 to make, I have to mention also that if the same working model was manufactured massively, it would cost less than $200 to make a unit. The cost of making a single working model is so high because machine shop are simply too expensive. For example a single part that you can buy off the shelves for $ 10 can easily cost $500 if custom made by a machine shop.

Also, the proposed device is highly competitive compared to current energy technologies. For example, this device functioning as an automobile engine would cost less than $300 if produced massively. As you can see, an automobile engine that cost only $300 to make and which doesn't need fuel to operate is highly competitive compared to today's engine technologies.

The same is true for a generator that produce electricity. A 15kw generator based on this technology can cost $1000 to manufacture and it can be easily sold to the public for $3500. I don't see how any technology used currently to generate electricity can compete with the new technology I am proposing.

Any one who may know an investor who could be interested in this breakthrough technology?
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