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Farewell Presentation

Dear Peter,

We can all accept your decision to retire.

If there is any chance of it, or if those who are in a position to do so, to perhaps apply a little peer group pressure on you and call for you to make one last “farewell presentation” at the next Science and Technology Conference?

This would give us a chance to hear you speak publicly on the topic one last time and you could also pay public tribute to your deceased mates, including Gary and John Bedini. – Someone should do it (as difficult as it would certainly be) and it would be best if it came from you, Sir.

Importantly the attending audience could also give you (and the Bedini brothers) the farewell standing ovation and the appropriate send off to celebrate the contribution to the field that you all thoroughly deserve...!

Please give this some deep thought and consideration…

"Doesn't matter how many times you kick the coyote in the head, it's still gonna eat chickens". - EPD

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