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Originally Posted by Belangers View Post
BroMikey and others,
I have found out how the Morin transformer amplification happens. I had this phenomenon working at one point using an electric motor (universal motor with no load) and two resistive element heaters, however couldn't do it again without the motor, and had no idea it had to use the motor to do the work.

If we look at Tinman's universal motor, his output load becomes his amperage at the input to the motor. The same with Lasersaber's universal motor, and this means we all have a massive breakthru. The Universal Motor initiates this phenomenon, but the shorted coil (that has a capacitor in series with the center tap internally) makes the shorting bar possible on the transformers. the transformer becomes an energy harvester, and for every resistive load added, free electricity becomes inbound, infinitely without destroying the dipole. This is because the energy pulses on and off and the generator's driving power forces the radiant energy spikes to become this free energy, which is proven by the added load that the energy gets colder, and when he uses less load, it disappears. I have finally figured this all out and you can read below to see why. To hell with the skeptics, it works Batman...

First I'd like to say it is much easier to use pole pigs or any plate type secondary over primary on linked dual core units submersed in oil due to efficiency, but we need to be using 2013 DOE transformers at a bare minimum.
Here is how it works:

If you look closely at Gerard's input, the secondary or low voltage bushings on the outside of the transformer seem to be shorted on the left side between the hot leg and the neutral. This couldn't be possible, because if it were, the fuse or circuit breaker on generator would blow.

The first item he used for the load is the key to it's operation. He uses a chop saw, which by the way utilizes internally a universal motor.

The shorting bar installed between the neutral and the left hot leg is key. That is where we think he is just shorting the two together , but if we look closely, you will see little leads connecting to the bushings in some way and I think it is a set of leads to the diode which makes pulsed dc. This will convert back to a sinewave on the output coil, but to create the radiant energy needed, we need a magnet generator and diode.

If we take the cover off of the top of the can, the bushings make connection to the internal wires of the can and are all connected with mechanical connectors, easily able to be remade and include a capacitor for 60 hz resonance in series to the neutral bushing, eliminating the short. If we add a shorting bar, the coil will be jumpered across and make no sense because I tried this and it pops the breaker on the generator so I tried a diode in series with the generator's output, which we see connected hiding behind the shorting bar, then internally a capacitor to create resonance at the frequency the generator runs at.

This creates a resonant rise and allows the back emf from the chop saw to fire back at the shorted coil, but it will not get back to the generator because of the diode. This means that the pulse will fire into the transformer's output secondary during it's brief off time between it's field coil running between the primary and secondary of the motor, then it steps the signal up through the transformers, hits the shorted coil with the capacitor and rings back toward the load with a massive rise in amplification during it's off time , draws atmospheric energy into the system and gets driven along with the next pulse driven by the generator back to the load as an accellerator works. The energy it picks up is radiant energy and it only reacts through resistances between 100 ohms and 200 ohms to convert the energy back to conventional energy. This is where an amplification happens, similar to Ismael Aviso's system. The conventional energy from the generator goes only to the chop saw. It remains exactly 1320 watts as the printed plate on the chop saw uses. This equals 120v x 11 amps, exactly what the amprobe tells us it is. When the heaters are kicked on, they do not up the amperage because they are running for free by radiant energy that has been amplified by the short and additional accelleration provided by the generator.

Good Luck to you all,
Marc Belanger
Dezeinstein Technologies

PS do not listen to anybody about the mathematical equations. Gerard is 100% correct, you can not measure the voltage, it is a bunch of harmonics and an Ac WAVEFORM as well as a resonant ringing all superimposed upon each other that will not be able to be read by digital meters. Also, OHM's law works in the opposite manner with radiant energy. The resistance needs to be high for the energy to flow. The higher it is, the more comes out, of course after it is dumped into a cap and used like an inverter circuit by puklsing the device on and off. This is what the heater circuit is, the heater pulses on and off for efficiency, this is why they run for free, the circuit inside is going on and off , converting the capacitively stored radiant energy and dumping it into the resistive element where the energy dissipates as heat. BTW, Amperage could only be read if the amprobe is detecting conventional amperage. Radiant energy has no amperage until converted. If it is detectaable, this means it is either superimposed, or it will convert to an unstable, very high current and high voltage and dangerous output once large AC caps are inserted into the system. I have found there to be 3 different type of radiant energy, all of them resistor/impedance multiplied, some more than others, depending on the material used in the element.
Yes i can follow this well, even tho I have been feeling lost and looking
for the keys without a clue. We all feel the pressure to make a break-
through, anything, something and if this is one I will be glad.

Thanks Marc, I'll keep reading this so I can do the test.Very
encouraging words to say the least.

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