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just to share my experience about capacitors charging , the device i am using is the extended Tesla bifilar coil in short the ETBC , it's L 1 or the reactor coil , after trying for a long time to take some power from L2, all what i had is pure voltage without any electric current trying to light a 100 W bulb was like a dream ...

all the previous experiments was done with the following ETBC where the center tap was opened, this mean CD is open, normally i use a spark gap there to achieve the resonance in high voltage but unfortunately something very important is missing ...

after working very hard the problem was solved with easy only when closing the position CD as the follow drawing :

the ETBC in short is special parallel LC that oscillate in twice the normal frequency of equivalent parallel LC circuit , the resonance frequency of this special coil is this :

double frequency mean the magnetic flux behave differently from ordinary electromagnetic oscillating system .. another quote from Don smith :

Don smith system is based on electron spin balance where the spark gap is created naturally through electrons spin separation mechanism ... only when i closed the junction CD the device start to give useful power that can light a 100W light bulb ... in my opinion it's all about energy balance exactly as a permanent magnet . when the resonance is achieved both magnetic or electric flux can present in huge amount !
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