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"Innova Tehno, INNOVATEHNO1943 d.o.o. – Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering., in Croatia has just released a working free energy device to the public. They released a video of their working unit on their Youtube Channel. Their device, called the IPP7.4 is an electricity generator delivering an output of 7530 W at 220V without using any fuel for it's work".

I'm trying to buy one of these generators: The outfit's in Croatia. The deal is; They deliver, set up and let you run the generator non-stop for 30 days in your space. They then return and recover it if you don't care to purchase, but you get stuck for the return charges. They ask that you post at least that much with them in advance. The unit's currently priced at 3800 Euros.

They only deliver to specific parts of Europe: Like 150 km radius of Munich Germany. The customer needs to prove he will reside at least one year at the set-up site. I have a friend in Ravensburg Germany. I'm trying to arrange a delivery there. The company maintains they use this generator to run their own delivery van.

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