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Originally Posted by GlenWV View Post

I am not sure which wire that Rick uses on his coils, but it really doesn't matter. All the wires are probably the same gauge.

If all your coils are the same, then just pick a wire and use that.

Take a look at the panels that hold the coils in place and see if one set of 'seats', 'holes', or whatever they're called is a bit oblong.

If one is oblong, use this coil for timing and take a wire from it for the trigger. The coil can be moved inside it's seat to advance or retard timing.

I believe that Rick uses one transistor on each board to control the other power transistors, FETs, or whatever he's using there. It's hard to speak on this without seeing your setup.

I am building a both an 8 coil, and a 20 coil machine right now, and expect to learn a bit from the process.

Feel free to IM me if you need assistance.


HI Glen
First of all thank you and BroMikey for reply,
I have not done anything yet, I rather gather all the necessary information first before i get to work, to not screw up something, because my proper budget is very small,so I have to reduce errors to a minimum, especially for the coils, as they are the most expensive part ...
For now I have successfully made 7-filar coil 1 SSG with cap damp circuit, and I learned a lot with this setup, and I think I'm ready to switch to another project, such as 4 DualPole motor
Sorry for my bad english

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