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Bathing in raw egg, homemade silver hydroperoxide, MSM and hydrogen peroxide...

Bathing in raw egg, homemade silver hydroperoxide, MSM and
food grade, 35% strength, hydrogen peroxide.
-- a YouTube video

Instead of various mineral salts, the amine portion of amino acid can also serve as a buffering tool to provide alkaline building material for regeneration of newly forming tissue structures. Thus, I prefer to eat my minerals (rather than bathe in them) and establish raw egg -- instead of salt -- to alkalize the bath water whenever I include ionic silver oxides (in the bath) as a metabolizable nutrient of various types -- silver hydroperoxide being the predominant type. One form of silver oxide can be purchased at Silver Solution USA, but oxides of silver can also be homemade by reacting colloidal silver against food grade, hydrogen peroxide, 35% strength to get the finished product -- chemical formula: AgOOH (the silver replaces one atom of hydrogen).

Alkalinity is relevant since regeneration polarizes electrical polarity: making the wound negatively charged (with an acidic pH) against the remainder of the body which should be positively charged with lots of protein/mineral structures if you want to succeed at something other than stunted re-growth of tissues covered with a veneer of scars. Where is the wound going to get its alkaline building materials from if not from the body? Don't expect alkalinity to come from diet unless you have a robust hormonal activity with a supportive digestive fire! But if you're chronically ill, than stick to the plan of supporting the body first and foremost through the skin before even considering diet.

Dr. Becker has claimed that the growth layer underneath the skin, and the pericardia surrounding the heart, are the two additional places in which he knows for sure that stem cells can be produced in the presence of silver ions whenever collagen formation occurs. Under these conditions, some of the collagen will turn into stem cells instead of building up a thickened layer of scar tissue.

Dr. Pramod Vora, of Mumbai India, has alluded to the possibility that the blood can also produce stem cells outside of the bone marrow with his photo documentation, but this has not been firmly established by a second source (even though I suspect it's validity; the photo documentation is convincing).

It's interesting to note that...
Bone is the one structure in the body which rarely loses its ability to regenerate throughout life, except in cases wherein the bones become post-menopausal brittle (for instance).

And, traditionally, the bone marrow is the one place where we expect stem cell formation to occur.

But silver, along with beryllium, iron, zinc, copper and lead, are the only elements capable of binding collagen to calcium hydroxyapatite to form new bone material.

Thus, the use of silver to produce regeneration outside of the bones is uncanny to say the least.

But the caveat to regeneration is acidification. And tissue structures are not made from minerals alone. DUH! Sometimes, I can be quite dumb -- at first!

Bathing in raw egg yolk along with silver hydroperoxide, MSM and additional hydrogen peroxide.

Egg white clogs the pores making it difficult to get the full value of the yolk unless the raw white of the egg is separated from the yolk and discarded. But which way you use the egg - with, or without, the yolk - will be up to whether you want the whole egg and nothing but the whole.

More YouTube video updates...
Cayenne pepper can repel ants, but peppermint oil is even better.

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