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My son started on the Academic Super Charger when he was 11 years old, (he's now 12 years) and a couple of months before his end of Junior School exams. He'd been pretty far behind in Maths and English due to spending the first seven years of his life speaking only Dutch.

The end result was that even after using the module for only two months, he achived a level higher in his Maths and English exams, than he was expecting - and two levels higher in Science. He was very chuffed

When he started Secondary school last year, he was still on the Academic booster, and was doing very well. But, he was hating football (soccer). He loves P.E. and is physically very active. He loves climbing, karate, swimming, rugby.... and a lot of other sports, but was really really hating football. So we added the Sports Module to his theatre, and after that, combined with an afternoon of coaching from my partner, he began to enjoy football as well, and started doing really well with it.

His teachers raved about him at the last open evening, but there was one point they made - he seems to not want to speak out in class. He doesn't put himself forward for things. A possible confidence issue (which we were shocked at, as he has very high confidence out of school).

So we swapped the Sports Module for the Self Esteem one about five months ago, and have just heard that he's volunteered for an extra project - they're doing something like "The Dragon's Den", and my son is beside himself with excitement to present his invention!

He's still on the Academic Booster at the moment, and has just told me that he's in the highest set for English and Science (there are four sets).

Next we're going to add the Eyesight module. He currently wears glasses for distance work and in cinemas etc. He's very keen to get the Eyesight module and improve his eyesight.

Will keep you updated.

Love and Light and Magic xxx
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