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Thanks for everything you have done!


as other have mentioned before me, you always got me listening very carefully during your presentations. You were one of the key persons in my life that made me question and reset my hard-learned knowledge. I can't thank you enough for that!

I'm only getting up to speed after having read a lot over the last ten years, but you and Aaron greatly increased my interest in rebuilding my laboratorium and get to work on the bench, with the writing of the awesome Bedini SG book series, simply an outstanding piece of work.

The great piece that Tom Bearden wrote about the actual effect of sharp DC pulses on a lead acid battery as John did, was also an eye-opener. His explanations have really helped me to understand what today's science is missing: understanding the Heaviside component and create dynamic open systems where this component allows for COP > 1. We engineers should embrace this component and not stick to only the Poynting component, which only causes dissipation and COP is always < 1.

Among the other persons that inspired me also a lot has been (and still is) Paul Babcock with his excellent and well-understandable presentations.

One thing is for sure. If John Bedini and others had not decided to 'open source' his hard-discovered free energy secrets (which were initiated by other inventors) and present his work through the conferences, year after year, and all the other skilled presenters together with him, this big push you and Aaron were able to give the free energy community, we all would still be in complete darkness.

So once again, thank you very much, and I wish you all the best in your new endevours, whatever they may be.

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