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Originally Posted by soundiceuk View Post
Now we can talk about this publicly tswift.

"I was amazed how big a difference in the coil ringing the PPV made! Now the waveform is very little transient and almost all clean ringing at the resonant frequency. I'm guessing with the antenna attached and tuned, the waveform will be virtually a steady-state sine wave."

Have you measured to see if your findings were correct?
So glad you guys decided to release this! Combined with the information in the download e-book and this thread, this is now a complete public release of a stage 1 type device. I hope everyone realizes how important this is, it can now be replicated around the world, at least by those skilled enough in electronics. I think it is likely to be unstoppable now.

Now that I have a working HV supply I will try it attached to the antenna later today! Hope to have more test results soon. I also invested in a true 100x HV oscilloscope probe with 5kv capability so I can do better measurements on live circuits.

Back when I sent this to soundiceuk originally, I was driving the primary with the PVM12 directly as you would a Tesla coil. Using a regular spark gap instead of the PPV will make the coil oscillate of course, but I found that once I changed the anode to the aluminum point that it worked much better, with less transient and much cleaner ringing.
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