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The snowflakes are just too coddled and spoiled. They have a dream of making over the world. They would create a world where nobody is left out,,, everybody gets a trophy for participating in the race. Nobody would ever get their feelings hurt. Nobody would ever get fired.
I think you may have confused coddled/spoiled with evolution. We have clean energy sources growing faster than all other sources. We now have machines building machines to build other machines autonomously. We are making over the world right now as we speak.

The snowflakes are trying to keep reality at a safe distance. They want everything made over. They certainly don't want get bad grades or a job or, micro-aggressions. They don't want anything to "trigger" them. They are in for a rude awakening.
Your antiquated idea of reality has no place in the future any more than your great great grandparents idea of reality has any place in our present. The baby boomers days are numbered and everything will change when there gone. This ridiculous populist movement is simply the death throes of a dying generation.


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