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Magic Fountain

The cones also have 3 pairs of opposing magnets placed, which exposes the water to a N-N magnetic field.

The cones can be electrically energised (positive and negative).

I have also included several pairs of 99.999% fine silver buttons that can be attached to impart colloidal silver into the water.

The circumference of the lower cone which the water cascades over has a series of UV and IR LED's fitted to impart light to the water. (Only UV LED's were fitted at the time of the photo)

Water flowing:

Finally the water flows, by operation of the motor via the RC controller.

The arms that secure the Magic Fountain to the bucket can be adjusted to ensure the cone which the water cascades from is level.

The Magic Fountain remains under R&D currently as propeller size, pitch etc are still being refined.

I'll upload a video of it running when I've got it working nicely.

Yes, that should say Silver not Sliver.

It's a fun little project. - I thought some here might find it interesting...

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