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Fireworks on January 20 ?

NATO is a useless piece of dung. Knowing this, the military, in general, is trying to start conflicts to justify their existence.
“Three years after the last American tanks left the continent, we need to get them back,” said Lieutenant General Frederick “Ben” Hodges, commander of US forces in Europe."
"While NATO is preparing for war against Russia, Hodges turned everything upside down and accused Russia of preparing for war. “This does not mean that there necessarily has to be a war, none of this is inevitable"
Just make sure that we get all the funding we want.

"USA is sending to Russian borders 3rd Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division. Overall, more than 2,500 pieces of cargo are shipped to Germany, where those will be unloaded in the period January 6-8. US military material and troops will continue to Poland by rail and military convoy’s. Massive US military deployment should be ready by January 20."
Political Insanity: Outgoing President Obama?s ?Operation Atlantic Resolve? against Russia: US Sends 3,600 Tanks Against Russia ? Massive NATO Deployment Underway | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Russia covers 11 time zones and has plenty of natural resources. There is nothing in Eastern Europe that is of any interest to them. BUT, the neocons are salivating on the prospect of sucking the economic blood out of Russia.
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