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Pentagon brass say that Russia is the number one threat to America.
It could also be said America is the number one threat to Russia. The common thread is corporations and the accumulation of wealth. The weak mind may see these artifacts as a surface effect never revealing the true cause. The true cause is common to both Russia and America... do you know what it is?.

It's when people like Trump, Putin, etc.. who have no real purpose in life other than to dominate are compelled to dominate every scenario. It is not about democracy, not religion or beliefs or a parcel of land. It is a play ground pissing contest among juveniles posing as grown ups.

Personally I like these kinds of people with obvious mental disorders because they are so damn predictable. You start by pushing their buttons with subtle challenges to their manhood, their most prized possession. Then you start working on their credibility and beliefs then before you know it poof their red in the face screaming like a little school girl. This of course is their true personality they have been hiding from everyone. An overcompensation for that insecure scared little boy who never really grew up. It is kind of funny when we think about it because we all have these fears.

The problem I see is your only concentrating on superficial man made contrivance so you are obviously a nerd like myself. However I don't think WW3 it is an issue per say. The big boy will most likely be a planetary event such as a massive solar flare or an asteroid because were over due. In which case all your concerns would seem to be of little consequence wouldn't they?.

As if to say I may not agree with you or your beliefs but you see there is this 30 Km wide asteroid about to hit this planet most likely killing 80% of the population so do you think we could put our petty differences aside for the moment?. In which case all your concerns would seem quite trivial wouldn't they?. Nature is like that and just when you think you have it all under control it comes around to bite us in the arse. That is not you or I but we my friend, we as in all of us against a universe bound and determined to destroy all that we know and love.

Look I understand your point of view but when I look up on a clear absurdly calm summer night I have come to understand we are not enemies, we are friends bound by a common goal. Survival... because all that "stuff" out there in this universe we inhabit is bound and determined to kill us all. Believe me when I tell you our differences are the least of our worries and if you will cover my back I will cover yours.

Personally I think this petty theatrical BS we see out there needs to end and if we cannot come together as a species were screwed, we truly are.


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