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war just isn't what it used to be

The Shadon search engine is described as the scariest search engine in the world. Shadon Search Engine Highlights Dangers of a Connected World
Reportedly, it can link to everything.
"Stuxnet is uncommonly dangerous in the world of malware, and to the digital detectives who discovered it and the analysts tasked with figuring out what it was, who made, and what it could do, it was their worst case scenario, something they had hoped they would never actually see unleashed unto the world.

“I wouldn’t call it amazement, it was kind of a shock. It went beyond our worst fears, our worst nightmares, and this continued the more we analyzed. "
"former head of the NSA and former director of the CIA, Retired General Michael Hayden, would say very little about it, except to warn us of the significance that Stuxnet will have on the future of warfare, representing a startling escalation into an entirely new battlefield."
"In this way the worm is autonomous once released, always quietly crawling the world advancing toward its target. "
"an NSA source remarks on the importance and origins of Stuxnet. Her comment is to be taken as a warning that the government has released something into the world that they cannot control, that cannot be put bag in the bag, that will only evolve and further advancements in malware."

" We did Stuxnet. It’s a fact. We came so phucking close to disaster and we’re still on the edge. "
"In 2016 a massive cyber attack on the internet brought down major news, e-commerce, and social media sites for many hours by using home appliances and televisions as a distributed network of cyber-attackers. Now analysts predict the internet will be brought down completely for at least a short period of time within the coming year or so. An apocalyptic prospect for commerce, finance and infrastructure. "
Stuxnet, Fukushima and the Inevitable Cyber Apocalypse : Waking Times
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