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Earth ground is common ground of Barbosa and Leal's Earth Captor.

It is possible to supplement our understanding of Barbosa and Leal's technology by substituting a Hollow Earth in place of an Earth ground series of grounding rods in order to give weight to William Lyne's quote of Tesla's Special Generator, from his book "Pentagon Aliens": "for every 200 pounds of iron added to Tesla's Special Generator, one horsepower output is increased". By making the Earth ground into a ferromagnetizable toroid serving as an Earth-based common ground, it becomes more obvious that this invention of Barbosa and Leal could possibly be the only way to resolve the mystery surrounding Tesla's Tri-Metal Special Generator and his 1931 Pierce-Arrow demonstration as well.

Tesla 1931 Pierce-Arrow Model 41

In other words, the hull of the Nazi's Electro-U-Boat and the very heavy chassis of Tesla's demonstration involving a 1931 luxury car (made by Pierce-Arrow) may have both served as common ground in place of Barbosa and Leal's series of Earth-based grounding rods making possible their retrofit with Tesla's Special Generator.

Earth ground is common ground of Barbosa and Leal's Earth Captor.

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