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many Thanks for all contributions

would seem having an EEG watching the results of this therapy in real time is well within grasp of the average person.

From member Tak22

•Installed Muse Monitor from: and played around with it. Seems to do exactly as advertised. I can use this for quick visual of Gamma wave changes.
•Installed latest Muse SDKs for Windows and Android.
•Researched ways to increase gamma waves and found another possibility: Multi-Source Interference Task (MSIT)
•MSIT paper: Evidence for a motor gamma-band network governing response interference
•Installed Inquisit Lab from: Millisecond - Makers of Inquisit for running MSIT scripts.
•Next todo: Run a MSIT script and watch/record Muse Monitor to see if my gamma wave levels change.

end quote

Amazing opportunity here !!

Chet K
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