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Just 4 weeks to get a war started

Well, the CIA coup failed. The courts and military refused to go along with the ruse. The East is rising with new plans like the New Silk Road. The Western plan was to start a limited war between Russia and western Europe. This would queer economic relationships with Russia for decades to come. Russia would be forced to sell their oil cheaply and it would have limited access to European markets. The CIA hasn't given up yet on war.
Obummer, the Pentagram and the CIA have a short window to get a war going. They may start in Poland;

The PTB are $hitting bricks that military-industrial-banking complex may not get enough enemies to keep them fat and happy.
Pentagon brass say that Russia is the number one threat the America.

It recently came down to the wire on the election and the CIA got blown out of the water. There is a short time until the inauguration and hopefully, the WAR MACHINE will get blown out of the country.
I expect Trump to cut WAY back on foreign military bases. I expect Trump to do a BIG buildup on domestic military bases as a way to invest in America.
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