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Bedini Stuff for sale

Bedini's 9w Power Supplies for sale

We have almost 2800 of these BRAND NEW transformers available from Bedini Electronics. These were power supply units for his famous CD Clarifiers.

Details: MISC - A & P Electronic Media

MODEL: AD-1250

120VAC to 12VDC 500mA – 9 watt transformer

We have almost 28 full boxes and each box has 100 transformers each.

If you search Ebay, you will find the “AD-1250” transformer made by a variety of manufacturers and they are selling USED ones for $5-15!

These are BRAND NEW and we are offering these for ONLY $3.50 each!

We prefer to sell these in units of 50 or more and can send by USPS Flat Rate, which will be the least expensive way to send them.

If you’re interested, email me (Aaron) at and I’ll send you a quote with shipping. We can send to Canada as well but the shipping will be more than USA Flat Rates.

Aaron Murakami

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