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Very interesting article, certainly this is a worthwhile subject to research.

I have heard that application of certain ultrasonic techniques to the head can also help break up the beta amyloid plaques.

But one still needs something to supress the beta amyloid production in the first place and then remove plaque. So this visual light stimulation concept to help produce gamma oscillations could be quite a revelation.

Since this seems to be a more modern disease, what is it in our environment that supresses or impairs gamma oscillations? - Since 40hz light seems to stimulate gamma oscillations (GO) and according to the article 20hz to 80hz did not reduce the GO, only the 40hz.

Since our lights flicker at 50 or 60Hz, could this be part of the GO impairment or suppression in our modern environment?

I would suggest that Alzheimer’s starts earlier than one thinks, not just an old-age disease with early onset becoming more & more common.
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