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If you have an Android smartphone Mindroid is the app you want to try this Alzheimer cure concept. It's programmable to exactly 40 Hz and has lots of options. It divides the screen in half so when you lay the phone horizontally over your face you have two large round circles that flash over your eyes. You can pinch them to move them closer together or further apart to align to your eyes. You can also use the virtual goggles like Google cardboard or the better ones selling for $5 to $15 now (ones at Walmart are good plastic ones with soft foam and fit most smartphones). I believe this will do everything you want to experiment with this Alzheimer cure concept - all without having to build anything. You can get Mindroid off Google play or some alternate sites on the Internet

In order to edit the frequency of a session in Mindroid you need to create a new session or download a session off their web site from within the app. The built in sessions can't be edited so if you want straight 40 Hz just create a 'New' session.

Mindroid has so many options it is really almost like having one of the Theta technologies $349 Mind's Eye devices. I've got both and it works the same magic. I've had some really incredible experiences with the Mind's Eye and also with this Android app. You can choose the color of the flashing lights, choose binaural or regular, audio-visual or visual only (or audio only), duration and you can directly edit the frequency just by pulling a line on the frequency graph with your finger. You can even use external LED glasses with it if you want. But you don't really need those and I'd suggest just getting the virtual 3D goggles like everyone is selling now at Walmart, eBay, china sites like, etc.
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