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Kelsey Patrick McCune sentenced to 8 years in prison for kidnapping, raping 13-year-old girl |

ABC2 cameras were rolling as Aria White's mom got news daughter was found - Aria White

The Charley Project: Jamie Michelle Fraley jamie fraley

MISSING: 19-year-old Katelin Akens from Spotsylvania, VA | CourtJunkie Katelin Akens Brooke Bridges

According to the sheriff’s office, Akens’ stepfather was driving her to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Dec. 5, when the teen asked to be dropped off at the Springfield mall.
Deputies say the investigation shows Katelin never left Spotsylvania.
"The investigation to date indicates Katelin and her property never left Spotsylvania County," Pearce said on the one-year anniversary of Katelin's disappearance. Web sleuths PI ancestry map amy pagnac 24
I believe that the police worked with the information that they were given. The police had been called to the house several times in the recent past for Amy running away. The police report states that as they (whoever "they" may be, either Amy and her dad or Amy and both of her parents) were going to get gas when "suddenly their <redacted> got out of the car and just took off" I assume the redacted portion is "daughter" because all references to Amy have been redacted from the report that I have seen, presumably because she was a minor at the time.

The parents go on to describe where they think Amy may have run off to. The report references that they think she may have gone to the Bridge (capitalized) in "Hpls." Does anyone know what that is or where it is?

The police had no reason whatsoever to believe Amy had been abducted according to the parents.

The story that has been told has changed a LOT since that report was taken 25 years ago.

Amy and her father Marshall Midden stopped at the gas station. Marshall went inside to use the restroom and reported when he returned to the car, Amy had disappeared.

Neighbors report of hearing gun shots the night before, cover-up CSA franklin Matthew Muller
Muller denies involvement in her abduction and his trial is scheduled for January. false report suicide solved Sherry Milton maura murray golden gate solved solved show show solved solved MI page 24 climate crazies toni anderson

As she was being pulled over, Anderson sent a message to childhood friend Roxy Townsend, who told the Wichita Eagle, “Tonie gets pulled over a lot because she drives late at night a lot, and she doesn’t have cruise control in her car. I just figured this was another one of those times.”

within a brief preceding time; but a moment before:
The sun just came out.
OMG just just pulled over again
now or (almost) at the same time, or very soon, or very recently:
He just left – if you run, you can catch him.
"He'll come across the street and do a u-turn and turn his lights on, park directly behind her."

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