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MIT alzheimers treatment

also being discussed here

MIT alzheimer breakthru treatment ...amazing possibilities !!

Below originally contributed By JimBoot here
HELP PLEASE! 40hz light to restore gamma waves to the brain to fight Alzheimers
MIT announced this week a method for reducing beta amyloid production in the brain by restoring the brain's gamma waves which stimulated microglia to do its job in "cleaning" the brain.

Unique visual stimulation may be new treatment for Alzheimer?s | MIT News

Edit: Excellent podcast & interview with the researchers. Bringing Gamma Back - Radiolab
end quote
@ Note
this is a very passive and noninvasive treatment and apparently Quite easy to produce/build the desired Stimuli apparatus .
Jim and others are investigating this "build" for Family members with this affliction .
**also to note the results to date from MIT have not been with Human subjects.

build progress will be posted here ,as well as other relevant information.

all comments welcome and appreciated

Chet K

here is a link provided by Member itsu for DIY brainwave viewing options.

it would seem that a wonderful opportunity to investigate this claim in real time is within our grasp.

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