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Originally Posted by clarence View Post
Hello BRO,

Yes I mean the ******* you mentioned ! !
Sneaky little Bastard that he is.

Right when IT first posted some photos from
my Photo Bucket account I knew right then what he had done.
The WEASEL thinks he was smart by using the back door
method to get into my account. I would explain but it would only
enable maybe some other WEASEL to do the same. IT can do the same thing to YOUR PHOTO ACCOUNT also.
That is why I was trying to warn you and all others about the bastard.
When you have the time send me an E and I will explain.
IT needs a 44caliber REALITY !


Gotchya, The world is full of idle folks doing their dirty little deeds
thinking it is cute. I had a problem like that is the past but no more.
I use a method impossible to hack so I am the dictator here, the
way it should be.

Why in the world would a pencil neck geek be doing something so guffy?

He lays on his pillow and does video sideways, a bit strange but
who knows what lives there. I have emails coming to me where the
hackers are posing themselves as a company I deal with. If I fall
for their little ploy they have me filling out info.

Sneaky it right, the header looks just like my phone company or
my electric company then they want me to sigh in. What a joke,
I have never fallen for that since my credit card was hacked.


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