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Barbosa and Leal Captor, Nathan Stubblefield's Earth Battery, Tesla 3Metal Generator.

Barbosa and Leal Captor, Nathan Stubblefield's Earth Battery, EV Gray Motor and Tesla's Tri-Metal Generator analogues.

The stability of the electrostatic reserve surrounding our circuitries is relevant for serving as a voltage reference for adding a gainful benefit since electrostatics can be very fragile by comparison to electromagnetics. Thus, do I like to stretch nomenclature a bit by referring to this as another form of battery since a battery acts as a reserve unlike a capacitor which functions more like the backboard to bounce bank shots off of through a basketball hoop - no reserve to speak of, in other words, by comparison to a battery.

Whether or not the Hutchison Effect has anything additional to do with this? I don't know...

Barbosa & Leal device Captor Energy in 20W out 400W

Barbosa and Leal Devices - Info and Replication Details

COP - Coefficient of Performance = ~300:1 aka EV Gray motor or Nathan Stubblefield's Earth Battery.

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