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Charge Controller

[QUOTE=wantomake;295644]Thanks for asking,
I live in the foothills away from the fires in upstate SC. Of course the Tennessee fires are some distance from us. We had much smoke weeks ago but most fires are out now thanks to the rain and hard working Fire fighters.

Not been in the shop much lately due to life and cold rain. Still watching and hoping for your project and testing.

Blessings my friend,


my efforts are at a stand down till DEC 21.till then have been trying to evaluate the use of a MPPT controller versus a smaller regular PWM
controller the PWM should suffice for a smaller array while The MPPT is said to be best for multiple grouped small arrays to get the best out of its use.
the 30 amp MPPT I have is not a small doggie - its huge. I feel that some
solid state component that size and that involved does not operate without energy use cost. This is probably what is limiting the run time at present.
It seems to be sapping just enough PV output to keep the one battery from
taking enough charge to Build-Hold-Stabilize its start out voltage.I have both types to work with so that is what I will do between now and the 21 st .

speaking of rain and cold, here it's rained three days with a now total of 11 inches. Bayous, creeks and such DO NOT like those amounts. Flood warnings out now.
Any stray comments you have just shoot me an E.

Blessings James,

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