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Shorting low amperage DC circuit- ch. 7, Dr. R.O. Becker's book: The Body Electric.

Shorting a low amperage DC circuit from chapter 7 of Dr. Robert Becker's book: "The Body Electric".

It's not enough to reduce the amperage coming out of a 1.5 volt double 'AA' dry cell battery by the use of a minimum resistance of one mega ohm. It's much better to increase the resistance to at least a giga ohm, but even better if greater than this.

Yet, this is still not enough for constant long term usage since amperage from a manmade source is not fashioned in the way Nature intended for the body. We know this based on Dr. Becker's research and the theory derived from it.

Becker discovered that the body is not a conductor, and it is not an electrolyte. The body is a semi-conductor. This is corroborated by the work of Clint Ober described in Marty Zucker's book, "Earthing".

Consequently, the use of a simple battery driven circuit may be fine for short term use to help the body heal or regenerate wounds, but it is not suitable for long term care of chronic illnesses such as old age and not good for use across the entire body.

So, the solution is to add as much resistance to Dr. Becker's suggested minimum resistance of one mega ohm and then add a dead short spanning at least the width of the body if not greater. I choose to short through an Earthing bed sheet across its diagonal width.

Since the silver wires of the bed sheet have less resistance than does the body, and since amperage chooses the path of least resistance, most of the remaining amperage - left remaining after my 6.6 giga ohms of resistance built into the circuit reduces the circuit's amperage to around 200 pico amps - will short through the bed sheet rather than the body. Hence, the body will receive next to zero amperage. The voltage coming out of the battery will still remain at 1.5 volts so long as the battery remains fresh - which will be the case for quite a while. So, the voltage will not reduce itself just because the amperage is being shorted out. Thus, will be fulfilled the admonition of Tom Bearden to not "kill the dipole" spread between the terminals of the battery.

Moderate voltage is all that is needed to fulfill Dr. Becker's protocol for using electricity to help heal a wound. And next to no amperage is even better!

How do I know this?

Because Becker describes how the body's cells coordinate regeneration among themselves. The central nervous system, and the brain, are not involved in orchestrating the complicated procedure of regrowing a limb instead of sprouting something else or in the wrong place or wrong direction. The local cells coordinate the endeavor and do not use the neurons to transmit this information among themselves, but use instead the myelin sheaths of the neurons - their insulation - to conduct information to each other. This fulfills Tesla's experience of frequency and voltage so high that the electricity shimmied along the outside of the wire rather than use the conductive path inside the copper wire.

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