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Fires-are y"all safe?

Originally Posted by wantomake View Post
Hello Clarence,
Not been posting for awhile, but have looked in some time to see your post.

I've still got my single toroid setup on the work bench but not been able to do any further testing. Inverter, good charger, bank (9) high amp batteries, the whole setup. I even have (3) PV panels 85 watts each to use as I want.

I know you'll not disclose yet what your setup is. I understand. When you are ready I have most of what's needed to start helping if I can.

Glad you still keeping the fire burning. Yes we got many forest fires around the area. Wrong choice of words.

Hello wantomake,

With regard to the wildfires - are all of you safe at present.
Saw all of the destruction on news.
Was concerned?

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