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I see the opposite wound coils in so many inventors claims and
out of all of these threads I can't find one good video that shows me
that I would get some extra energy.

Yeah, I would be interested in seeing a real live device that works
and if this is not done then we all need to move on to something practical.

I see coils and more coils with no rhyme or reason why, I see endless
wiring patterns with all sorts of pulses, spaces, duration's, rest periods
it's ridiculousness. All good for an exercise I suppose.

People building devices that function should be so consumed for so long
that a repeated explanation will come second nature in order to shed
light on a subject. When the expression of basis of a working unit is not
present it makes people wonder if anyone building really knows what they
are looking for.

Re-inventing the wheel is a frustrated title of itself where the impossible
is done without any outside help and is a slam. In other words I must do
everything myself from scratch as I am getting no help. This is the
basic thought of the thread.

It is every man for himself and no one can tell me anything mainly
because no one understands the next man's reasoning.

It is a lost feeling coming out of the title, a free for all, every man on
his own with many boasting that they have all of the answers while
showing no proof.

If I have missed any ideas on this thread please feel free to show me
the error of my ways. For me a single demonstration could put it all to
bed but no one is able to deliver.


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