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The same proof of principle done by Netica and Ufo was time ago shown in this video regulating two lightbulbs in the range 0-100%. But it went into deaf ears. Bistander and Seead also pointed to this kind of design.
1- The video shows a variac . Variac have a open winding. MM was telling that a continuous close winding was mandatory, and he was....wrong.

2- As in any variac the brush movement was back and forth between both outlets. MM was describing a continuous whole rotation around the toroid. And he was again...wrong

3- The winding in the variac has a normal thickness. MM was telling thar the winding must be very very thick. Netica proved him to be wrong when he built his device with normal household wire.

4- I say that the toroid do not make any energy recycling function between the toroid and the electromagnets. Time will tell if they can disconnect the battery just by using a toroid or use just a small input to compensate heat losses (very small in the toroid). Time will tell and will prove that MM is ....
I see in MM a virtue , and that is his big commitment with this project, and this is really good in some points because he at least has bring into light the toroid as a great efficiency current regulator. But please do not accept other self imposed design restrictions, as saying that the toroid is mandatory or that it needs a wire able to power a whole building, which is also a guess coming from his own interpretation. This device should work with any method which would be able to move the two fields. The toroid is not the only way.

It is a pity that this forum is not really open. As no disident opinion is accepted in the other thread, nobody can read there some constructive critics as the one from Bistander and Seead, who finally were proved to be right. The other thread is a kind of "just those accepting ang replicating my views are allowed here". I do not know if in the future Netica and Ufo will be accepted there if they discover any other disagreement with the "Theory". I hope they stay there, they are the only ones with real hability to bring that thread onto the right track.

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