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The admin does not allow me to post in the other thread so I copy below the post I did there yesterday and that I have just deleted tgere to show how an incredible "serious builder" works:

In the 21st of november of 2016 Marathonman posted this:

Originally Posted by marathonman View Post
we need to get these devices built before crap hits the fan. as i understand it the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are planning to crash the market now that Trump is in office. i just hope we are finished with this device by then.


In the 24th of March of 2016 Marathonman posted this:

Re-Inventing The Wheel-Part1-Clemente_Figuera-THE INFINITE ENERGY MACHINE

Two posts. Eight months between them. Judge for yourselves.

Facts are facts.

Thanks God that Netica corrected his wrong theoretical design, thing that he might have done during those 8 months if he had worked a little harder instead of waiting for others to do the dirty work.

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