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Originally Posted by Ufopolitics View Post

IMHO Marathonman has developed a completely new, novel system of controlling currents...

And so I could care less that was Doug the one who first did it...Doug obviously got afraid because he knew exactly what he was working with here...and hide away...while MM kept here, in the open...over and over and standing all kind of BS.

Marathonman deserves all the credit here Hanon.
I try to congratulate each one for his merits, and of course that the merit of bringing it to the open is all merit of MM and I thank him for that. But he later got excited with the idea of the toroid and he started to say that it was mandatory. And this is false. This is my only point to argue with MM. Believe me, it is not mandatory.

IMO he put constrains to the building making it more complex: he said the toroid was mandatory and that it needed a very very thick wire. I do not say fine wire. I say that if you are going to use 6 amperes, then use the proper wire for that amperage. Or if not you should also be using that same thick wire in any common transformer. But not, the wire is adjusted to the amperage for that specific use. Even more I think that also a close core composed of a "U" and a "I" together will work also. Just common sense and less constrains.

Regards !!

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