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Originally Posted by hanon1492 View Post
I agree totally with you. What is the neccesity to reduce even more the resistance when it is already quite low with even a household wire? This was a constraint imposed by MM which I never understood. The wire just need to withstand the maximum amperage. Just that.

As you know my aim from the begining was to make/promote the easiest design. Thus why I promoted the resistors: it is easier for many people. But if finally the toroid is cracked and put in simple words it will be much better. Thin wire is the easiest way to tune the toroid for most people. If we get the easiest design more and more people will get involved and they will replicate this system. If we do it too complex then it will never go viral into the world. KISS Phylosophy remember!!

Good work!!
Thanks Hanon,

MM was trying to build a Part G which could be capable to drive Huge Amps towards the Primaries...also huge of course...and so, that is why he started trying with much heavier wire.

By being able to drive Currents at "Cold Fusion" temperatures, without absolutely no heat expense...I am sorry Hanon, but this device goes way beyond Figuera Machine my Friend.

The applications are beyond imagination...and I mean for every mean of electrodynamic machine out there...even in the electricity and electronics regulations systems...and then some more...

IMHO Marathonman has developed a completely new, novel system of controlling currents...

And so I could care less that was Doug the one who first did it...Doug obviously got afraid because he knew exactly what he was working with here...and hide away...while MM kept here, in the open...over and over and standing all kind of BS.

Marathonman deserves all the credit here Hanon.

You keep saying fine wire and high resistance...we do not need that over and done.

The only reason why I see that we need some resistance depends upon the type of power source we are using...if its Output is "regulated" based on Ohms Law...then yes, unfortunately we need to play with resistance values...BUT NOT because this system requires any resistance at all.

Thanks and take care

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