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Originally Posted by Ufopolitics View Post

1.7 square mm or cross section area is equivalent to a 15 gauge wire in awg (1.67 mm2), while 14 awg is about 2.0 mm...and so 40 turns like you have said wont reach even 1.0 ohms.

This system does not work based on resistance...but Reluctance, increasing or decreasing due to the MMF (Amp-Turns)...and so Flux Density which here is the "Magnetic Circuit Current" (I) equivalent in Ohm's law.
I agree totally with you. What is the neccesity to reduce even more the resistance when it is already quite low with even a household wire? This was a constraint imposed by MM which I never understood. The wire just need to withstand the maximum amperage. Just that.

As you know my aim from the begining was to make/promote the easiest design. Thus why I promoted the resistors: it is easier for many people. But if finally the toroid is cracked and put in simple words it will be much better. Thin wire is the easiest way to tune the toroid for most people. If we get the easiest design more and more people will get involved and they will replicate this system. If we do it too complex then it will never go viral into the world. KISS Phylosophy remember!!

Good work!!

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