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No CW and CCW Toroid

Originally Posted by seaad View Post
Thank YOU Netica! But be prepared for the STORM!

See also my very first post here on EF it's still valid.
/ Arne
No storm at all Seead...maybe a "Storm of Happiness"...

Post quoted from above:

Originally Posted by seaad View Post
The windings on the "G"-toroid between terminals to N and S needs to be
to maintain the inductance in the toroid.
With all turns CW (or CCW) around the hole toroid NO inductance can be measured between the N ans S terminals or between the rotating connector to any of the N and S parts.

The Eagle

About your cited post above...You are wrong, the winding at Toroid follows exactly same direction at all times...So no CW and CCW at Toroid Core!!

What constantly changes here (reverses) is the Current direction at Toroid Core between both end terminals...even though brush is spinning through comm at same direction.

It is similar to a circular "Wipe Sweep".

Watch my video when I upload it...

Take care

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