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Originally Posted by Netica View Post

I have around 40 winds in the torroid that I showed the wave form of, and using normal multi strand pvc coated wire with cross sectional area around 1.7mm.

As I wont go into the other Thread (except if I receive more insults) I just want to highlight this sentence above from the post done by Netica there.

I agree with Netica. Simple household wire should do the work fine. I think everyone who want to get a try should do it first with this thinner wire in order to have the possibility to adjust the number of turns (and thus the inductance). If you do it with thick wire it won´t be so easy to change the number of turns.

Which resistance may have a household wire of 3 or 4 meters long ? Maybe 1 ohm. Maybe even less. Who cares of 1 ohm in the wire if you are having 25 or 50 ohm of overall impedance in the whole system (electromagnets inductance)? This is just my point of view.

I am glad that Ufo is getting great results. Thanks God that Ufo and Netica got involved to fix the design. Good luck !! Go Figuera! Go!
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