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One more example of the Hutchison Effect: quiet murder within our homes.

The murder of John Bedini and his brother Gary Bedini via the Hutchison Effect using the power grid.

We are bred to believe in Hollywood's version of assassination: a hit man is hired by the mafia to "take someone out". So melodramatic and so suspenseful. But what about a more quiet method so transparent that we're led to believe that the victim died of natural causes?

One classic example is that of a soldier who dies just before battle of mere fright alone. Who killed him? Himself while under the influence of fear and the sight of the opposing army facing him.

But the link to the video, above, is about the very human tendency to overly personalize our problems to the point of their becoming so potentially lethal that no face-to-face assailant is needed to remove us from among the living, because our own life, or death, is always in our mind's eye whether or not we choose to periodically, or at times of high danger, manage our conscious attention to promote our general well-being at the expense of trying to solve all of our problems instead of merely some of them (the smaller ones whose solutions won't kill us).

This tendency is our vulnerability - and if magnified by the use of the Hutchison Effect via the power grid entering into our homes and buildings - substitutes Hollywood's version of murder with another one of equal merit effectively evolving the ancient "magical spell, or hex" into its technological modernization.

The solution is to periodically depersonalize our problems by turning our attention to the impersonal aspect of existence using whatever tricks at our disposal to encourage this approach.

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