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Looking at the blue color keep in mind that a majority of these blocks
were won by voter fraud.
You really are a special kind of stupid aren't you?.

Do you also think all those democrats protesting in the streets aren't really democrats and they all voted Trump?. The only fraud here is you disguising your psychotic white supremacy as something which might actually be beneficial to mankind. We also see you and most other Trump supporters are liars because ... Uhm the election wasn't rigged was it?.

Now we see Trump has drastically toned down his rhetoric and is calling for unity. He says he wants to work with everyone to invoke constructive change and I hope he does. There are also rumors from the Trump camp that ever the showman Trump was just grandstanding with his rhetoric. Which makes him a better man than someone as pathetic as yourself could ever be...priceless.

The election spectacle is over, grow up, move on.

Crying Hillary Supporters
If Trump lost you would probably be bawling like a little school girl and spewing obscenities so why does there being upset surprise you?. Maybe it's because you lack empathy for others. I mean if your candidate lost you and Bro would have come completely unglued wouldn't you?, lmao.


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