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Thumbs up good results...

Originally Posted by machinationu View Post
Did not find it this time on Youtube or Google!

but got this for you:
Borax or Baking Soda Rectifier and the glow.

Has all need info..

Just use steel or lead, plus Aluminum and light 120 volt AC the neutral wire, and be safe.
... it was a few years back for me. But it does work, with baking soda. Not as good as the present market as it's larger and in solution.
magnetic field on aluminum, by lumen0

I'm starting to come under sway of an hypothetical opinion that the 'reflective' component of Mr. Dort's definition of aluminum in Tesla's Tri-Metal Generator may be cloning an electric/magnetic set of fields at right angles to the primary set, and thus predispose aluminum for producing the above baking soda/borax rectifier results - especially the negative resistance noted at the bottom of that link.

{Copper being the 'active' and iron being the 'magnetic'. - Mr. Dort (junior) as quoted by William Lyne in his "Pentagon Aliens" book.}

Originally Posted by machinationu View Post
Same site:
Steel copper link I found:
Thermocouples Made From Ordinary Copper and Steel Wire
This could imply that whenever diamagnetism is in evidence, then an exothermic reaction is also occurring, but only noticeable whenever the magnetic and electric fields of a DC situation (or, voltage/amperage phase separation of in an AC electromechanical watt-hour meter?) are suitably time delayed? {The Lenz Effect is a DC time lag...} Not a stretch of the imagination since copper coil windings, especially surrounding a non-air (ferrous) core electromagnet producing enough heat sometimes to melt its wax coating its coil windings?

But would paramagnetic become endothermic?

Originally Posted by machinationu View Post
Well I did a test a few days ago with Aluminum Copper Stainless Bronze
To find out which one has the least "Eddy current's"

I used 2 x 1 inch thick for the pure copper, 6061 aluminum and bronze.
I set them to the same slope that the neo magnet could slide down ~20-30 degrees?

Copper was not to good!(slowest one), as Aluminum. The Bronze was better, And some stainless grades have no EDDY current while others do with same series (303) I had a 316 with no eddy current and then a 316 with eddy current
Had some Stainless tubing 300 series but not sure grade that was good.

Carbon , lead no eddy current.
Nice video, well I'm not no Chemist but it very interesting stuff.
I guess this shows how aluminum and copper are both advantageous to use in conjunction with iron for Tesla's Tri-Metal Generator since back EMF, in the form of eddy currents, is just what is needed to be engineered into his Special Generator?

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