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Mark McKay's EV Gray motor analysis indicates Hutchinson Effect in TriMetal Generator

Which becomes obvious in viewing the three stages of development of the EV Gray motor....

1. Marvin Cole - the Searle Effect yielding no beneficial use, whatsoever, of the Hutchinson Effect. Levitation indicates a waste of energy for what should have been the exclusive use of what the EV Gray motor is intended for: locomotion, not flight.
2. Richard Hackenberger's two phases of development. ....
2a. Pre- FCC Raid in which Richard was blowing up a second set of batteries to dump some (but not all) of the excess energy produced by the EV Gray motor, versus
2b. Post- FCC Raid yields full scale Hutchinson Effect by pumping compressed air through the interior of the specially designed chassis to prevent arcing and avoid attracting the attention of the FCC.

The FCC raid was the second of the two raids which the EV Gray motor was made to suffer through.

The Hutchinson Effect is a radio interference in an electrostatic field. The EV Gray motor must have been utilizing this effect to be able to have a COP of nearly 300! Tesla's Special Tri-Metal Generator must also have been using the Hutchinson Effect by blowing compressed air through the Nazi version of Tesla's device. An AC mechanical watt-hour meter and a DC homopolar/unipolar disk could both exhibit this effect, and each in their own way.

A DC homopolar/unipolar disk could separate the magnetic field from its electric field causing one to drag behind the other by the proper arrangement and use of aluminum, copper and iron as noted in my prior video...

The Lenz Effect is a DC time lag between a leading electric field and a dragging magnetic field.

An AC mechanical watt-hour meter separates the voltage and amperage components of an AC sine wave coming from the power grid in order to operate as an induction motor to spin its aluminum disk. The immersion into an electrostatic field of these two electromagnetic (radio) waves constitutes the Hutchinson Effect.

What helped me come to these conclusions is this video...

magnetic field on aluminum, by lumen0

...which seems to imply an hypothesis that a second set of electric/magnetic fields are cloned perpendicular from the first set whenever eddy currents are generated in aluminum.

Mark McKay's analysis of the EV Gray motor...
Am I A Raison Head?: The Definition of a Transformer
View links to ODT files at bottom of the above blog which all lead to: Hermes Atar Trismegistus-the Swedish Teacher of Wisdom

Or else, download as a 43 Mb zip file from...

Or, from here...

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