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Cook battery.


To be precise, Cook's primaries are thin #30 gauge magnet wire, and his secondaries thick #16 gauge insulated household wire: Look at the schematic from his patent below:

Cook explains: "By this combination the initial secondary current of the primary helix being very small in quantity in comparison to the terminal secondary current of the secondary helix offers but little resistance to the terminal secondary, hence a quicker action is secured"; Cook infers that the tiny current travels faster through the thick low resistace secondary wire then it does through the thin wire primary of greater turns!

The thinner wire's the first layer of wraps; Cook states that "The initial secondary current is very small"! Cook has transformed the high voltage from his thin wire primary to low amperage in his first thick wire seconday! Just the opposite of the Ruhmkopf coil you're showing in your schematic.

The primary and secondary coils are wound in opposite directions CW & CCW. It's important to notice that the interconnecting primary and secondary of the opposite coil are both wound in the same direction. That's why Cook states that: "the two terminal currents are in effect (there being but) one current in the same direction".

The low amperage current from the thick wire secondary travels into the thin wire primary of the sister coils in the same direction. There it increases in voltage and induces a low amperage current in the sister coil thick wire secondary, where it's returned to the first coil's thin wire primary in the same direction. So the currents in the individual coils are running past each other in opposite directions , but in the same direction inside the two coil circuit. What effect would the "Colliding Magnetic Fields" have on the electrical current in the nested wires where the currents are running by each other in opposite directions?

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