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Exclamation Simple or Compound Helices - That Is The Question

Originally Posted by Allen Burgess View Post

Very nice schematic! I see you have the secondary coils coupled to each other; To be true to Daniel McFarland Cook's original patent, the secondary of the bottem coil should couple to the primary of it's overhead twin. The secondary of the overhead coil should, in turn, couple back to the primary of the bottem coil; This way, a solitary interruption from the bottem coil will cause a series of mutually supporting oscillations between the two coils.

For the most part, right I believe you are.

However, I believe that a possible interpretation of the wording of the patent could include the meaning of the use of compound or simple helices arrangements in some form or another:

Originally Posted by Wording from the Patent
The poles of the two helices being connected the action is the same as in the compound helices, there being but four currents developed, two initial and two terminal currents, the latter flowing constantly in the same directionó-in effect there being but one current in the same direction. The mode of producing or starting the action in the helices consists in the use of a steel or electro-magnet, or a helix, around one of the helices, and
causing a secondary current in the enclosed helix by means of a battery current in the outer one; the action then in either the simple or compound helices increases in quantity to the maximum capacity of the wires to conduct with the existing tension of the current.
Though, I agree that it's probably as you say.

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