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WHO lost in this election?

"What we have been seeing worldwide, from India to the UK to the US, is the rebellion against the inner circle of no-skin-in-the-game policymaking “clerks” and journalists-insiders, that class of paternalistic semi-intellectual experts with some Ivy league, Oxford-Cambridge, or similar label-driven education who are telling the rest of us 1) what to do, 2) what to eat, 3) how to speak, 4) how to think… and 5) who to vote for."
"these self-described members of the “intelligenzia” can’t find a coconut in Coconut Island,"
"macroeconomic analysis working worse than astrology, "

"The Intellectual Yet Idiot is a production of modernity hence has been accelerating since the mid twentieth century,"
" What we generally call participation in the political process, he calls by two distinct designations: “democracy” when it fits the IYI, and “populism” when the plebeians dare voting in a way that contradicts his preferences."
You get the idea,,, read the rest; Nassim Taleb Explains Who Just Got Buried | Zero Hedge
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