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Paramagnetic vs Diamagnetic Diodes

Originally Posted by machinationu View Post
Have you ever made a iron/aluminum Diode?
It works great just search for it on Youtube.

The Steel (iron) is + and the Aluminum is -
I got a old battery charger with setup like that.
Hmmm. I wonder if an iron/copper diode would result in a -/+ orientation, the reverse of an iron/aluminum diode's +/-?

The Lenz Effect is a DC time lag between a leading electric field and a dragging magnetic field.

In other words, since copper is diamagnetic, then its magnetic field may lead ahead of its electric field while these two fields should coincide in a ferromagnetic material? And thus impact the orientation of a diode so constructed?

Hmmm. The more I think about this, the more it starts to make some sense...

redox reaction between Iron oxide and aluminium metal

...and thinking about my own experiments surrounding the reduction of peroxidized silver underneath my skin producing a slight argyria upon sunbathing, and the subsequent peroxidation of silver metal supplied by a bath in silver hydroperoxide, I can only surmise that the flow of electric current is opposite to the flow of the oxygen. So, when the iron oxide transfers its oxygen to the aluminum in the above video, the transfer of electrons is in the opposite direction. Am I correct? It's been a while since I took introductory chemistry...

If true, then this would imply that electron flow is from the aluminum towards the iron just as you have signed it from the negative to the positive leads on an iron/aluminum diode.

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