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We must preserve their work and create a museium Fund this?

For me John has been a solid rock. I could always count on Johns' voice to clearly show the truth. the Videos of him speaking, showing and displaying his excitement is always so dear to my heart. The greatest thing I have to look forward to is hearing his voice again... some day!

In the mean time I have already been clearing the obstacles for building my first SSG energizer. I have waited so long so I am most sure he will be happy to have touched me so deeply. Thanks Jesus for sharing this soul with us...

It was a pretty normal night about 2 weeks ago when to my surprise in my dream John sternly Jested at me saying don't rush, one step at a time... The funny thing is John and I never even made any contact. You know how the spirit works sometimes. Thanks Jesus you make me laugh.

Happy trails John and Gary. We will do as you have suggested.
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