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Exclamation Shillary for Prison 2016

Originally Posted by Danny B View Post
Presumably, the corrupted voting machines won't be able to steal the election in every state. There are a lot of observers doing exit polls that will show up any discrepancies. KILLary doesn't want any exit polls and is suing. She isn't winning.
Killary is collapsing and falling apart. She has cancelled her victory fireworks show in NYC. The outcome of the election will be contested for months?? KILLary will never be seated in the oval Office. She has thrashed her body intently with drugs, stress and abuse. She has thrashed her (black) soul even worse. Mother Nature doesn't let that go by unpunished. Mother Nature has 2 partners. Father Time keeps track of all of us. The Grim Reaper carries out the dictates of Mother Nature.
What happens to a soul that is responsible for 1/2 million deaths?
Well said.

Shillary for Prison 2016

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