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Originally Posted by Cadman View Post

After reading this I have to side with the interrupter. Even though a current is interrupted the magnetism in a large core takes a long time to dissipate and would surely continue to exist during makes and breaks of several hundred cycles per second.

Whether Cook's induction coils produce quantity or intensity is never mentioned, only that it is self-sustaining. Right?

Hello Cadman,

I do agree with you on above statement...As I know that magnetism will take longer to fully dissipate from iron doubt at all about this fact.

However, if you are thinking about magnetism as a Spinning Virtual Field (like I do), when magnetic field is in the Stage of Collapsing, it starts a reverse spin, just like unscrewing a bolt.

Now figure out a Bolt being very Slowly unscrewed, BUT with very High Torque...and all the sudden, you get a High Impact Power Screwdriver...and apply full trigger (speed + hammer torque) to it...

What could happen to the screw?

Definitively will shear off (brake, cut off in half) that bolt...

Do you think this is the right way to drive that screw In-Out?

That is my take on a sudden, radical, On-Off Interruption to a Magnetic Field...and so, to the currents supposedly to be growing up gradually as a consequence from Magnetism Induction in a Time increasing environment...

Magnetism is very, but I mean very "picky" it does not like sudden, radical will just destroy its Cycloids...


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