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I think the first thing that should be done in order to understand the patent is to familiarize ourself with the thinking and terminology of the era.

Davis's Manual of Magnetism. 1842

Read the section “Induction of Electricity” starting at page 125. It discusses many different coil types and currents and when and how they are obtained.

And on page 152

Primary current,
Secondary current,
Tertiary current,
Current of the fourth order,
Current of the fifth order,
Current of the sixth order,
Current of the seventh order
and their polarities.

After reading this I have to side with the interrupter. Even though a current is interrupted the magnetism in a large core takes a long time to dissipate and would surely continue to exist during makes and breaks of several hundred cycles per second.

Whether Cook's induction coils produce quantity or intensity is never mentioned, only that it is self-sustaining. Right?

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